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Photoshop Elements 10 Now Available

Adobe Elements 10Adobe Comes Through With Its Yearly Update to the Ever-Improving Best Selling Image Editor: Photoshop Elements

Once again we come to the time of year where Adobe always comes through with its latest version of Photoshop Elements. Personally, I teach Photoshop Elements and therefore use it on a daily basis. What I’m so impressed with is the bang for the buck with Elements. For under $100 U.S., it completely negates other image editors in price performance. For the amateur and enthusiast photographer, its absolutely the best software package around. It operates like the big brother Photoshop but it also has a nack of including new features that Photoshop just doesn’t have. Lets look at what Adobe has to say…. Kevin Moss, Publisher

adobe photoshop elements 10

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Go On A Once In A Lifetime Photo Trip With John Baker

Medicino Coast with John BakerAn Update on Current Photography Travel from Travelimages.com

As mentioned on this site a few times, we highly recommend photo trips from John Baker at http://travelimages.com. Upon receiving the latest newsletter from John, we decided to post that information here.

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Photographer Spotlight – Leonard Nimoy

digital photography dailyLive Long and Prosper As A Photographer, Film Director Actor, Poet, Singer and Songwriter: Leonard Nimoy at 80

Being a lifelong photographer while at the same time being a lifelong photographer gives me a 40 year perspective of others careers to follow. The first to come to mind is Ansel Adams primarily because I met him and was a fan of his work from such a young age. At that same time I was also a Trekkie. Still am. Best of both worlds? For years I’ve been a fan of Leonard Nimoy not only as one of my favorite actors (Trekkie here), but additionally from one of his other multiple art forms he is so passionate about and engaged in, photography.

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Photographing The Total Lunar Eclipse December 20th and 21st 2010

total lunar eclipse by kevin l mossUpdated 12/16/2010: North and South America to Witness a Total Lunar Eclipse, Get Out Your Tripods and Digital Cameras!

Once again we witness a total lunar eclipse beginning for some of us on December 20th or the wee hours of December 21st 2010. For photographers and aspiring astrophotographers, this is a once in a while opportunity to expand techniques and portfolios with one of natures greatest shows, a total lunar eclipse. They only come around every few years. If the cloud cover cooperates, you’re in for a great show, and a great photographic subject if you dare.


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Photographic Art Using Microscopy

Microscopic PhotographyMicroscope Imaging and Digital Photography – An Original Artform

Photographic artists wanting to expand their imaging horizons may be surprised where those horizons may be. You may be thinking in traditional photographic terms, but for real originality you can look at alternative optics to to place in front of your camera. Once example can be a telescope, and there are legions of astrophotographers out there that got into astronomy just for the imaging. Another less popular but just as powerful alternative is microsopy, photography through a microscope.

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Panasonic Lumix And Commercial, Just a funny… Good Camera!

Panasonic Lumix G2 Digital CameraFunny Way To Advertise Panasonic Lumix Digital Cameras: The Panasonic Lumix G2

At 6am this morning I caught a funny commercial for Panasonic Lumix digital cameras that I found hits the mark for those that have ever sat through a photographers slide show or have participated in local camera clubs.  You’ll enjoy this article. By the way, the Lumix G2 happens to be one of the best selling DSLRs based on the Micro Four Thirds standard as well and is worth taking a look at as a second DSLR for your camera bag.

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The Nikon D7000 Digital SLR

Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0 Inch LCD and 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor LensNikons Latest DSLR Packs The Latest Features Into a Smaller Tank-Like Body – The Nikon D7000

New 16.2-Megapixel DX-Format CMOS Sensor, Six FPS Shooting, 39-Point AF System and 1080p HD Movie with Full Time Autofocus

In case this one slipped you by in the past few weeks, Nikon has announced its replacement for the Nikon D90 digital SLR, the new Nikon D7000. Personally, I think this camera leapfrogs the D80/D90 lineage right into the semi-pro Nikon D300s territory with a new magnesium alloy body and a slew of new features.  New are the 16.2 megapixel DX CMOS sensor, 6FPS shooting and enhanced HD movie capability with full time autofocus. Don’t underestimate digital video, its the a great advancement in digital photography and a new media for enthusiests!

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Fall Color Photography

Munising MichiganIt’s Fall Color Time for Nature Photographers

10 Tips for Great Fall Color Photography

Autumn. A favorite time of year for many nature photographers. For those lucky enough to live in areas where you have 4 seasons, right now, early October is a special time. In the northern latitudes, colors are at peak or just past. In many areas, fall color is just starting to appear, and that means its time for nature photographers to get out their digital cameras, tripods and a circular polarizer and get out and photograph fall color.

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10 Recent Photography Trends

Digital Photography TrendsWhats New For Digital Photographers In Photography Gear and Digital Techniques

We’re often techies. OK, we are techies and electronics geeks. We read, we buy, we play. Digital photographers are techie junkies at times and I am no different. Because of the nature of my personal photographic work and being an instructor of students all over the world, I do keep up with current trends for digital photographers.  These are exciting times for us, and the available tools for our passion are getting larger, more complex and most of all, fun! Lets talk about 10 technology trends that are here or forthcoming. I’ll be breaking these down in detail over the next 10 articles, here is my introductory summary.

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Recent Photography Trend #1: The Apple iPad

Apple iPadGreatest Artist and Photographers Tool Since Photoshop?

When was the last time you stepped into a Starbucks and didn’t see someone doodline on an iPad? Lets face it, they’re all over the place. Yuppies, professionals and regular folks likes us playing with their iPads. How does cool new tool help the photographer? Think of the future, cloud computing. Its coming, and its the next-step of the web. The iPad is more than a glorified iPhone with a few apps.

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Recent Photography Trend #2: Point And Shoot Size DSLRs

Panasonic GF2Mirrorless Without the Pentaprism And Almost 1/2 the Size of a DSLR

Now we’re talkin! We all know how backbreaking a heavy DSLR can be with huge lenses and accessories. Folks, things are getting simpler and smaller. Enter this years entry into the new subcompact DSLR, the mirrorless digital camera. Get the lightweight advantage of a small point and shoot with full DSLR capability at a low price with good glass, and we have a new class of digital camera.

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Recent Photography Trend #3: High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)

High Dynamic Range, HDR photo editing software Photomatix ProImproving Digital Camera Exposure with High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)

I’ve written about this extensively, and it looks like HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) is going to have a place in our workflow for some time to come.   HDR is actually a simple concept, but somewhat tricky (until now) to implement for digital images. HDR is a number of images, taken at different exposures that when combined in software, contain an entire dynamic range of the scene, elements from the extreme shadows to the extreme highlights, and everything in between. Got all that?

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Recent Photography Trend #4: Digital Photography Workflow Software

Apple Aperture Image ManagementApple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom Mature Into Essential Tools for the Digital Photographer

One of the trends that has been growing for advanced and enthusiast photographers is the use of image editing workflow software. The market is dominated by Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture. The first out of the gate a few years ago was Aperture, however dominating the space now is Adobe with its recent release of Adobe Lightroom 3. Both are top notch. Apple based professional photographers tend to favor Aperture as it is strictly for the Mac and integrates well with iPhoto. The rest of the world favors Adobe Lightroom. Which is better?

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Recent Photography Trend #5: Professional Quality Digital Video

Digital Video Canon EOS T2iDigital Photographers Become Cinematographers - The New Artform of Professional Quality Digital Video

It has arrived. The convergence has occurred of the video camera and the digital still camera, especially the DSLR. Now standard equipment on the latest DSLRs, digital video not only is on the wish list, its a must. Gone are the days of separate cameras for still and video to schlep on vacation, you have both capabilities in the same camera with pro level results.

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Recent Photography Trend #6: The Super Zoom

digital photography super zoomDigital Photography Ease and Convenience of The Super Zoom

One of the most perplexing problems facing myself as a photographer today, besides the 7-10 split at the bowling alley, is how to lighten my load a I strive for simplicity. Lightening my load is is a a constant challenge. Like you, my camera bag gets heavier and heavier as I collect DSLRs, lenses and accessories. I’m into simplicity now. Lighten my load, use less equipment and get the same quality results.

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Recent Photography Trend #7: Digital Infrared

digital infraredConvert That Old Digital Camera to Infrared

Back in the film days, or BF (before digital cameras) a small breed of photographers would load up their 35mm cameras with infrared film (in the dark I may add!), attach special filters in front of their lenses, and pursue a true art of infrared black and white photography. It was difficult to work with at best. The photographer would have to store the film in cold temperatures, and never knew what type of results they would get from the film, you see, we didn’t have immediate feedback like we do know with LCD’s on our cameras.

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Recent Photography Trend #8: Using Color Management

Color ManagementFrom Digital Camera to Printer –  Using Color Management

The advent of digital photography and expertise by the new breed of photographer has prompted an important addition to a photographers workflow. Color management. Photographers are by the most part all digital now, and learning the importance of matching the colors they see on their computer display to what is being output to their photo printers. Hence the importance of a color manged workflow.

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Recent Photography Trend #9: Full Frame Digital SLRs

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV 16.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD and 1080p HD VideoFull Frame Digital SLRs: Say Goodbye to Image Noise

In the past few years all of our major DSLR manufacturers have solidified their product lines with full frame (35mm equivalent) digital SLRs.  With that advent in mind, many a pro and enthusiast have declared film “dead”.  Its taken over 10 years for us to get to this point where the technology was affortable and possible, and now in the digital world we have the potential quality in a digital SLR that rivals that of medium format photographer, really!

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Recent Photography Trend #10: The Return of Black and White

London Photograph by Kevin MossBlack and White Photography Is A Whole Lot Easier and Safer Now

Black and white photography never really did go away, there is still a legion of fine art black and white photographers out there practicing their art. What digital photography has given us however is a greatly increased interest in photography as a whole, and with that increase a whole new slew of black and white photographers. What digital gives us what we really didn’t have in the film days is an easy workflow… shoot everything in color, and convert to black and white later.

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Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 9

Photoshop Elements Version 9Yearly Photoshop Elements Upgrade for 2011: Keeps Getting Better

Another year, another version of Photoshop Elements. Just announced, Adobe is rolling out Photoshop Elements 9.  Adobe does come up with an upgrade approximately every year and always includes new features for the photographer. For Photoshop Elements 9, Adobe had added a neat feature borrowed from Photoshop CS5, content aware fill. Think of it as the healing brush on Steroids.  Unfortunately Adobe doesn’t offer upgrade pricing for owners of previous versions of Elements, but at approximately $79 U.S., its still worth the price to upgrade.

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